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“Here are in a few words the symbols that are hidden in the works. Discover them, interpret them, symbols are a universal language ... Each of the creations is the bearer of them ..! ”

"We are stardust ..." Julï Lesage

Small hieroglyphics

Mystical codes, pictorial language of the unconscious.

Ancient memory


It is important to be well rooted. Thus, I illustrate this facet by roots which form at the bottom of a character, of a garment, in the hair. Often at the base of the board, but they can also be anchored at the top.


Very often placed at the level of the forehead, it represents the Christic energy, the risen Christ, transfigured.

The spirit of things

Make the invisible visible.


Emblem of unity in adversity. The sequence, the rhythm.


Wisdom, creativity.

Peacock feathers

Symbol of immortality of the soul, of beauty. Used to express peace and prosperity. Notice the little being in the heart of the pen ...


We reveal ourselves, and we are stardust.

Flower of Life

Seed of life

Inside this symbol we find all the constructions of the universe as well as the Platonic solids.


Symbol of the sacred feminine,

cycles, emotions and Queen Isis.


The raw material of who we are on the earth plane. Humans are undergoing profound change in several dimensions ...


The lotus is born in the mud and comes out into the open air when it is ready to blossom, like any interior journey.

Dégoulinade paint

Illustrates the impermanence of everything. Everything is energy, nothing is really solid ... Several dimensions in action ..

Eyes closed

Our inner world is very real and rich. All our potential is hidden there. Let us look within ourselves, to discover all our truths.

The Rose

Symbol of communication, femininity and knowledge.

Red heart

Relational love.

White Heart

Love of self.

Grapes, berries

Abundance in all its forms.

The Little Buddha

Represents being without personality. The being who meditates. The return to oneself. The non ego.


Symbol of liberation, purification. Tears are an important manifestation of our too often frowned upon and repressed emotions. They are healthy and must be released. Through suffering, we discover compassion and equanimity.

Hair green

Symbolizes nature. We are nature. It feeds us, shelters us. We must not forget that.


Symbolizes masculine. In connection with the yang itself. Solar. The large central sun.

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